Why Feedmillube Grease?

Because Feedmillube is:
  • Formulated to Run Cool in high speed bearings. (rollermills, roller-grinders, and hammermills)
  • Food Grade (designated H-1) This will be a requirement for most feed mill equipment in the near future.
  • Compatible with all common greases used in feed mills, flour mills, soybean processing plants, etc.
  • Reasonably Priced. Use it for all equipment throughout your plant.

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What is Feedmillube?

Food processing machines like feed mills require lubrication to operate efficiently. Not only that, but it’s required by the FDA that food processing machinery must use food safe lubricants as there is risk of incidental contact with the food. Feedmillube takes these factors in to mind with our line of Food grade machine grease.

Feedmillube Grease is a high-quality H-1 food grade grease specially formulated to run cool in high speed bearings. This means your hammermills, roller-grinders or other food processing equipment can run for longer, increasing productivity while giving peace of mind in regards to food-safety.

Feedmillube machine grease comes prepackaged in tubes compatible with most standard grease guns. We also offer transparent grease guns as well as accessories like zerk fittings and hoses for grease guns.

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