Feedmillube Grease: Box of (10) 14 oz. Tubes.


Order here or call 605-214-8996.

Also available in 5 gallon pails, 120 lb. drums, and 400 lb. drums.  For price and details call 605-214-8996.

Why Feedmillube Grease?

Because Feedmillube is:

Formulated to Run Cool in high speed bearings.  (rollermills, roller-grinders, and hammermills)

Food Grade (designated H-1)  This will be a requirement for most feed mill equipment in the near future.

Compatible with all common greases used in feed mills, flour mills, soybean processing plants, etc.

Reasonably Priced.  Use it for all equipment throughout your plant.

—Made in the USA.

Tested with over 30 common greases, Feedmillube ran the coolest.  To see the results, Click here.

Order Feedmillube Grease below or call 605-214-8996.

Feedmillube Grease; Box of (10) 14 oz. tubes: $94.00